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Austin Free Colon Cancer Screenings

Saturday, Oct 12 10:00a to 2:00p
HEB Austin, TX

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the United States. Early detection can help prevent it by finding and removing polyps. In hopes of combating colorectal cancer, St. David’s HealthCare is offering free fecal occult blood tests, a yearly recommended screening
for adults 50 and above.
-Stop by during the time allotted & pick up your packet.
-Complete screening at home.
-Mail back screening packet.
-Your results will be mailed to you after testing.


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癌症超過心臟病一直高居華人死亡率的第一位, 加上新移民到美國對此地医療體系不熟悉, 因此,當親朋好友被診斷癌症時, 很多人不知所措, 不清楚有那些資源可以幫助病人和家屬。


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光鹽服務社的健康講座本周六 4/14 請到了呂迺琳中醫師, 再度要和大家見面了!

呂醫師本身有傳奇式的經歷, 因為小兒子的嚴重血病西醫束手, 卻由中醫治癒, 由工程師轉研究中醫和食療, 立志以自然食療服務大眾.


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居住在橡樹和香柏樹特別多的奧斯丁,不少人1月到5月總是不停打噴嚏流鼻涕,深受花粉過敏之苦。奧斯丁光鹽社18日舉行「調理體質、防治過敏」健康 講座,邀請林秀惠中醫師主講,她建議花粉過敏民眾最好在過敏季節前提早一個月開始用中藥調理體質,並以穴道按摩來防治和舒緩過敏症狀。



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